Welcome to Piano Tuning Perth

If like most people you are not up for the complex task of tuning a piano then you have come to the right place. We have the tools, technology and know how to get your piano sounding right again. Every piano is different and the ease to which it can be put back in tune will vary. Generally the longer it has been since the last piano tuner visited the longer it will take to get it back in tune. Please call for a quote on today.

Why does it take longer to retune an irregularly tuned piano?
This is due to the massive tension changes in the sound board of the piano that has to be drastically changed during a tune. Regularly tuned pianos have less drastic tension changes as the pitch is already quite close to the mark. Pianos have on average 230 strings holding 18 tonnes of tension! Grand pianos up to 30 tonnes!!! All that tension is held by the sounding board and for lack of an easy way of explaining this it needs some time to “settle in”.

Fortunately we are used to doing as many as 3 tunings in one session to get a piano back in tune but it is always better to maintain the piano and its tuning to get a more accurate end result.

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