Pricing and Services

Piano Tuning Perth offers piano tuning to all areas of Perth. We use a combination of the latest in advanced piano tuning software and tried and tested aural methods of beat counting to get your piano in tune.

Prices start at $160 for a tune if the piano has been recently tuned, kept in good working order and does not require a pitch raise. Each pitch raise adds $80 to the price of the tune (we can tell you how many, if any, are required via listening to your piano over the phone) and your location may add to the cost also so call for a quote on .

If you’ve never had your piano tuned and it looks like an old antique it really may not be tuneable or worth the effort so again call for an idea on where you’ll stand with your piano. Read our FAQ for more information about your piano.

If you require it for any reason we can also tune your piano to an older temperament other than the equal temperament most commonly used today.